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  • Oct. 7, 2016
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A whole host of services for your Volkswagen. That's what Car-Net is all about: practical services and helpful apps for your Volkswagen.
Access your vehicle's most important functions at any time – conveniently from your PC or via an app on your smartphone or smartwatch. Car-Net lets you experience your car and all it has to offer to the full.

The Volkswagen Car-Net app links your Volkswagen to your smartphone and smartwatch. In addition to selected services from the Guide & Inform, Security & Service and E-Remote service packages, you can also make use of the exclusive Time Manager service.
It enables you, for example, to check the level of fuel in your tank or the state of charge of your vehicle's battery – and even start or stop the charging process remotely. The parking position function means you always know exactly where your vehicle is. Planning a long trip? No problem. Simply send your dream destination to your navigation system from the comfort of your sofa. The Time Manager can even let you know when to set off in order to reach your destination on time given the current traffic on the roads.
If you have an e-vehicle, you can now control its air conditioning system from wherever you are too, either at home or away. This puts the ability to heat up the inside of your car on cold winter mornings at your fingertips! And at the height of summer, you can do just the opposite – make your car nice and cool before you so much as leave the house.

Connecting your vehicle to your smartphone also enables you to view all the information relevant to your vehicle usage, including journey times, routes, mileage, average speed and (in e-vehicles) average electricity consumption. Car-Net puts a plethora of new possibilities in the palm of your hand so that you can keep an eye on your Volkswagen at all times.

Volkswagen AG part of our Productivity and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Oct. 7, 2016. Google play rating is 39.669. Current verison is 3.2.6. Actual size 120.0 MB.

What's new

    Bug fixes
Download volkswagen-car-net-e-remote.apk 120.0 MB


James Willis at March 29, 2015

Excellent Occasional failures to connect. Otherwise extremely convenient for checking the state of the battery remotely and for stopping and starting charging. That only works when the car is plugged in, but then we can choose to charge while the sun is shining (Our e-up! draws 2kW - less than our solar panels produce = motoring on sunshine) Seeing where the car is parked, recent journey log, and starting the heating (or cooling!) before you leave all works well but not essential.

Sindre Sørensen at May 19, 2015

Ok Almost no options for how you want you want the climate control to be, and it's slow. Other than that it's okay, but please add Android wear support!

Atle Rudshaug at Feb. 11, 2015

Crashes on both Galaxy S3 and Nexus 10 Pressing the "Remote" button makes it crash. Guess I'll have to stick with starting the climate control and charging... Please fix! The log mentioned a NullPointerException. Should be quite easy to catch in a debugger.

Mads Prahm at Nov. 20, 2014

Crashes on all my Android phones Crashes on Nexus 5 and HTC One every time I log in to my car. Works great on iOS.

david sharp at Feb. 8, 2015

Worked for a month but now Lost connection to car (2015 e-up). Cannot update car status in last 59days!,Re-installed app several times but still won't update. Useless. The only feature I want to use is climate control on these winter mornings, but can't get communication with car.

Ib Johansen at March 13, 2015

Crashes on start every time Crashes every time after pin-code input. Useless. Phone HTC One_M8, Android 5.0.1, HTC Sence 6.0

Bas M. at March 6, 2015

Crashes every time Crashes every time when i open the vehicle menu.

Espen Danielsen at March 18, 2016

The idea is good, and from what little I managed to test it seems like a ok layout and functions. The big problem is that the app doesn't work... It is in sore need of bug fixing and updates! Hopefully we will soon be able to fully enjoy the apps posibilities, and that would raise the score to four.

Baldwin Hopmans at Jan. 30, 2016

Simple unreliable and big Why is this very simple app almost 100 mb?.. Remote heating only work 1 out of 50 times.. And last why does this app read all my contacts?

Eirik Groetting at March 31, 2016

This app is horrible and it doesn't work. I'm extremely disappointed by the professionality of Volkswagen in this case. I've tried to submit support tickets, but nothing happens. The only thing that works for me is seeing if the car is locked, and where it was parked. The rest doesn't work. Probably programmed by garden gnomes.

Muataz Naeem at April 3, 2016

Good but needs more updates Remotely starting heater and charging/discharging works 5 of 10 times. The driving info is too basic. I need to see the consumption not the distance.

John Mitchell at Feb. 6, 2016

Passat GT - compatible? Log in, automatically logs out, session ended. Vorsprung WTF? Android Auto and a Nexus 5 in Marshmallow is "not recognised" seems we have a long wait for a connected car.

James Keavney at March 22, 2016

Unreliable I'm laying in bed and wondering if my car is charging for the morning as I had an unfortunate morning recently where something had gone wrong and I woke up with no charge, however the app won't let me log in, I wish I could say this kind of bug was a rare occurrence but unfortunately the app working as intended is so rare I don't think I've had a smooth experience in the 4 months I've had it. I work in a tech based job and I have to say if I let a product leave the company in this condition id be fired...

Ben Cor at Jan. 18, 2016

I've been using this for a week now and love waking up to a preheated car and being able to check how much the battery's charged from the sofa. I use it for two cars and no problems so far. Edit: Yes, it's begun. Now whenever I need to charge my car outside a pre-set time, the app won't access the car, so I can't charge it.

Ross Rodwell at Jan. 14, 2016

Doesn't work App won't let me log in, same problem as everyone else

Atle Rudshaug at Jan. 16, 2016

Too basic Doesn't crash as often anymore. Starting the heating usually works, but I don't really trust it to. I am missing the feature on the last screenshot. Not useful enough to pay extra for. Look at Tesla. Those cars get new features for free all the time.

Lari Perasto at March 26, 2016

Simply works, mostly not Works and does what it's supposed to do. Great app to extend the usability of the car. Well, would be if it would work reliably, mostly gives a connection error.

Paul Simpson at Feb. 25, 2016

Partial recommendation. App continually stops working. Sporadic readings etc. An example would be one day it works, the next day you log on to check car charging status and it wont update the information (both web portal and App) Extremely frustrating! Especially when you cant access the heating function on a cold morning ( I would say it works 60-75% of the time) Sent repeated emails to VW with again only about 50% feedback, I even had to send "proof of purchase" (yearly subscription) 3 times in an email! because they "couldnt find the details" I would not depend on this app for anything other than a fun gadget, not reliable and certainly not worth the subscription fee.

Eugenio Moya at Feb. 7, 2016

Too bad... No even able to log in. As soon as I log in it says timeout expire.

Lars Sund at Jan. 14, 2016

Have improved This functionality can't be defined as other than experimental. However it have now gone from almost not working, to now be pretty reliable, but extremely slow. Car is a dream though.

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