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  • April 12, 2016
  • 148
A revolutionary classic defense game packed with action and strategy!
The best Defense game in the world, reaching 20 Million downloads worldwide!

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.

You can play in English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体, or 中文繁體.

- Ranked No. 1 in the Appstore for England, Australia, France, China, Austria, Sweden, and Denmark!
- Ranked No. 1 in the game category in 18 countries!
- Ranked No. 1 in the Adventure genre in 50 countries!
- Ranked No. 1 in the Puzzle genre in 15 countries!
- Ranked No. 1 in the Strategy genre in 86 countries!

Experience the thrill all over again with the brand-new Tower Defense Live!

- New Modes, Towers and Monsters coming soon!
- 40 different campaigns and 7 challenge maps!
- Various gameplay modes!
- Mindbending towers and special weapons!
- 10 different types of enemies with special attributes!
- 5 World Themes ranging from mountains, wastelands, snowy fields, craters, and volcanic regions!

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Com2uS part of our Strategy and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update April 12, 2016. Google play rating is 83.4322. Current verison is 1.1.7. Actual size 40.0 MB.

What's new

    Defend your towers against endless waves of enemies from a hostile alien planet!
    We've fixed up some minor bugs!
    Got feedback? Leave a review or visit http://www.withhive.com/help/inquire and drop us a line!
Download tower-defense-infinite-war.apk 40.0 MB


james carr at Jan. 15, 2015

Didn't spend one cent and I beat it think there's a lot of baby's out there use to having things handed to them. Great game give me more and maybe even a sandbox mode thanks.

Zero Kiryu at Dec. 1, 2014

Game punishes you for wanting to play Oh so I need "stamina" to play the game. Well you just earned an uninstall and a 1 star rating. Enjoy :)

Benjamin Sandoval at Nov. 21, 2014

Same game more ways to throw away your money. The game was updated from the last time I played it. I thought they upgraded the graphics to HD or something but no. All they did was add different elements to be able to charge you to play or charge you to win. Even on Easy they made it hard so you buy upgrades and stuff to make it easier to win. Like Clash of Clans and all those other "Freemium" games. Atleast Clash of Clans looks like it was made in 2014 not 1995 though.

Derek Byrnes at Feb. 18, 2015

From great to greedy Used to be great, now even the stamina mechanism forces you to pay or go away. What a disincentive to play. The mini bosses mean you will almost always loose taking your stamina with it. A game should be fun for the customer not just a cash gouge for the makers. So dissapointed and frustrated with this "infinite" gouge version. Just over the top. Uninstalling.

Derek Plymesser at Feb. 3, 2015

Used to be the best. This used to be my favorite game on a mobile device. I had bought a note 3 a year back and this app wasn't supported. Now that I got a note 4 I download it again to find they've thrown in app purchases everywhere. Which of course you can just avoid. But the stamina system is so dumb. I don't want to pay to play the game. I would much rather just pay $5 for the entire app and have all the in app and stamina garbage removed. Com2us you've managed to ruin the best mobile game ever. Congrats.

Clifford Harton at Feb. 7, 2015

Seriously? The original was good. Then I saw this and downloaded it. First change I saw was stamina. Annoying but I can deal with it. Second change, the unlimited defense. Kinda cool, but need to pay to upgrade the towers. Waste of time to me. Third change, normal and hard mode now have random mini-bosses that have added challenge, but they sometimes spawn on the first or second wave. Giving little chance to kill them. I don't mind that you're trying to have support from players but tone down the greed. Thanks

Michael Hebert at Dec. 11, 2014

Meh Pay to play, then you have to pay more and more. Sigh....Uninstalled. why can't you people just make a quality product and charge money for it instead of pulling all these BS marketing tactics. Give up on it already!

David Trefou at Dec. 17, 2014

Please take my money ! Wtf ?! You guys took the previous version and added in app purchases everywhere ?!? And in addition to that you now require a permanent data connection ?? How am I supposed to play in the subway ?! You killed the best TD game I've ever played on a phone. So frustrating... Uninstalled.

ifur chohan at March 15, 2015

Always ask connection My connection always good playing other games like coc, but this games always give annoying notification about my connection and it make me wait, ah how bored... Uninstall...

Paul Parker at May 15, 2015

Used to be the best TD game ... but now with the mandatory connection, ,,unfortunate stops,, etc. ... piece of crap app.

Abel Cabrera at Feb. 21, 2015

Way better When I played this new version of the game it was awesome best ever but I am getting a little lag though but it's my tablet not the game

Joshua C at April 7, 2015

Good but misses on being great The requirement to use gold+crystals to power up and best hard missions is disappointing. The game is fun when you can play it, however, like the limit on gold and crystals the stamina cap takes some getting used to.

Annalyn Ramas at April 4, 2015

Must Read Before i download this game . I read all the comments below , its almost negative comments then i download it to check it if its right . And it is not . the stamina it is ok :) it refill every 3 mins i think , i already encounter a lot of games like that then the graphics it is okay and in the game they not pushing you to purchase or buy or buy some weapon to succeed . you just need strategy to win . just have fun . there is no problem with this game the problem is you

Adicus Garton at Jan. 6, 2015

Fun, simple game, but ... I have no idea how one is supposed to upgrade without purchase. Also, in the past few days, it's been spitting out computer errors left and right. I can't restart a level, go back to the menu, start a new game, etc.

Trevor Hieb at Dec. 13, 2014

Tower Defense Awesomeness Is what it should be called I use to play the original when it first came out. I've always tried to find ones like this that I love but I honestly don't think any have ever come close! Please Marie more tower defense games with the same graphics and cool features maybe you guys could make the weapons customizable with different colors for them and there ammo they shoot if need any one to join your company and have always wanted to make video games. Ppl tell me I have very good ideas for video games.

Stuart Lawlor at Jan. 19, 2015

Haw bebjimin... Clash of clans is better than ur life dork nozle and enny one that disses this is gay

charles nesbitt at Dec. 28, 2014

Wth is this malarkey Same game jus now way harder and pay to play everything thus is more that ridiculous 1 star and deleted dont even bother you guys are gunna delete the original too I bet what a sham and a shady way if doing your loyal fans

albert George Boyle II Boyle at Dec. 15, 2014

All these other people got it wrong The issue that sucks is where the game will not work without internet connection. That is a deal breaker and frankly bullshit. There is no good reason for me to be forced to spend data just to play your great game. So I reluctantly uninstall.

Yahir Montilla at April 3, 2015

Doesnt work without INTERNET CONNECTION I used to play this game but now you need to be connected to play it... what a shame!!

Michael O'Hare at Jan. 14, 2015

Tower defense has never been so fun Great game so far bug free, smooth game play, interesting maps, upgradable turrets great fun

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