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  • Aug. 13, 2016
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Scan. Analyse. Improve.
TargetScan is a specifically designed application for scoring your targets. This innovative tool will not only calculate the score but also analyse your shooting group providing essential statistics that will enable continuous improvement.

• Instant score (standard with inner tens or decimal scoring)
• Automatic pattern and holes recognition
• Eagle Eye for inspection of close shots (you can refine the shot location)

• Mean Point of Impact (MPI) – the centre of the group: windage and elevation
• Mean Radius, Extreme Spread – to measure your grouping
• Summary Target Plot with all shots in the session
• Potential Score – check how many points you could gain by bringing the group to the centre

• Keep track of all your sessions and monitor progress
• Add notes to your sessions and empty your drawer – you will always be able to review past results
• Share by E-mail or Google Drive a detailed Session Report (PDF file)

TargetScan currently supports over 80 disciplines including:

• International:
- ISSF 10m Air Pistol (4.5mm)
- ISSF 10m Air Rifle (4.5mm)
- ISSF 50m Rifle (.22LR)
- ISSF 25m Standard and 50m Free Pistol (.22LR | STP, DP)
- ISSF 25m Center-fire and Rapid Pistol (CFP, RFP)

• United Kingdom:
- NSRA 6yd Air Pistol (4.5mm | Air 8)
- NSRA 6yd Air Rifle (4.5mm | Air 7)
- NSRA 10m Air Pistol (4.5mm | Air 4/89)
- NSRA 10m Air Rifle (4.5mm | Air 3/89)
- NSRA 20yd/25m Pistol & LSR (.22 | PL14-C, PL19)
- NSRA 15/20/25yd/25m Rifle (.22LR | 1510, 2010, 2505, 2510, 25M10, 2505CS)
- NSRA 50/100yd/50m Rifle (.22LR | 5002C, MM13/89, MM12C/96, 1001C/96)

• Germany:
- Traditional 10m Air Rifle (4.5mm | Kyffhäuser, 12)
- DSB 15m Rifle (Zimmerstutzen)
- BDS 25m Pistol (Nr. 9)
- BDS 100m Rifle (ISSF)

• France:
- UFOLEP 10m Air Rifle (4.5mm)
- FFTir 25m Pistol (C50)
- FFTir 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
- FFTir 50m Rifle (TAR, mini C50)
- FFTir 100m Rifle (TAR)
- FFTir 200m Rifle (TAR, C200)

• Denmark:
- DGI 15m Air Pistol (4.5mm | Skive M2000)
- DGI 15m Pistol (.22 | Skive M2000)

• Netherlands:
- KNSA 10m Pistol (.22 | KKP, ISSF10mAP)
- KNSA 12m Rifle (.22 | KKG, KKK)

• United States:
- NRA 10m Air Pistol (.177 | B-40)
- NRA 10m Air Rifle (.177 | AR 5)
- NRA 50ft Pistol (.22LR | Slow Fire B-2, Timed & Rapid Fire B-3)
- NRA 50ft Pistol (.22 | B-11)
- NRA 50yd Slow Fire Pistol (9mm | B-6)
- NRA 50ft Rifle (.22LR | NRA-USAS 50, A-17, A-32)
- NRA 50m Rifle (.22LR | A-50)
- CMP 10m Air Rilfe (.177 | NMAR 200 SR, NMAR 600 SR)

• Canada:
- CCM 10m Air Rifle (4.5mm | CCT2001AR853)
- SFC 20yd Rifle (.22LR | No. 134)

More popular shooting sport disciplines especially governed by: NRA, NSRA, and DSB will be added soon.

Have questions? Reach out to us at support@targetshootingapp.com

Your cards don't lie. Analyse your old targets today and see your performance improve immediately!
TargetScan is Ad-free and doesn't offer any In-App purchases.

Thomas Gabrowski part of our Sports and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Aug. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 86.6981. Current verison is 2.9.0. Actual size 12.0 MB.

What's new

    • New disciplines:
    - DGI 15m Pistol (Nr. 32, Denmark)
    - DGI 15m Rifle (M84, Denmark)
    • Improve scan quality on Samsung devices
Download targetscan-issf-pistol-rifle.apk 12.0 MB


Ryan O at Feb. 27, 2016

Excellent Continual developments have made this app extremely useful and stable. I only use it for 10m air so can't comment on other disciplines.

Kai Ooi at Feb. 6, 2016

App is great and always improving Every target shooter needs to have this app. A pocket diary and a history, broken up into 10 shot segments. Wonderful! No more physical diaries and collection of paper targets. The app detects the shots well most of the time, and it the rare event there are shots out, it is possible to simply move the shots back into place. Thomas the developer is very responsive to emails and questions, also receptive to ideas to make the app even better than it already is. A definite mainstay for every target shooter.

Vic Lewington at Feb. 8, 2016

Excellent way to analyze your groups - gives solid data for making meaningful, informed adjustments. The new session reports are great - looking forward to the Android version catching up to the iOS one for features & target types.

Tim Danuser at Feb. 8, 2016

I have used this app for the past week of practice and its already shown my team where their flaws are over 10 shots, either natural point of aim or breath control, it helps me analyze each of them

Dave Jetter at Jan. 14, 2016

Fantastic app Seems to be extremely accurate, if you properly back light the targets. Nicely done - I have been hoping for an android version. Well worth the money! Would love to be able to change calibers when setting up the folders, perhaps in a future update?

david johnson at Jan. 16, 2016

Doesn't puck up shots in the white Out of ten shots, I will often throw one in the white. I can't get the app to pick up on those. It also tends to be more generous on close shots than I am. Otherwise, it gives excellent analysis that a human could not. Great app.

Tim Warwick at Dec. 5, 2015

Nice foundation This app could be a great foundation upon which you could build a great postal/online league or competition. Shoot it, scan it, post it, perhaps even keeping a photographic record to settle dispute. As it stands, great app to record my not so great performances. Thank you.

Michel T at Dec. 10, 2015

Great apps Works good. But on Android 4.4.2, we only get the version 1.6.0 of this app. Score analysis and the option to print/email the session report are not there.

Lee Binch at Jan. 15, 2016

Fantastic Great app. Good shot detection. Works well on both my old S4mini and S5. Good programmer tech support. Great App Thomas :)

animesh naithany at Nov. 10, 2015

App not working Have clicked a pic 1000 times but always it says oops cant recognise pattern .FIX IT OR I WANT MY MONEY BACK......

Andrew Lee at Nov. 14, 2015

Target scan Best ever. Makes scoring so easy.

Burton Waite at Oct. 2, 2015

Works great if the number of shots matches the number of holes on the target. If you stack holes or create one larger hole (rare, but happens), the app doesn't know what to do. For that case, you should be able to edit the app calculated hole locations. The app would be perfect if: 1) You could edit the calculated hole locations 2) Import an image to analyze 3) Add more target types and/or 4) Be able to define your own targets and add them to memory - take a picture of the target and define ring diameter. As the app is right now, it should be free. If you add all 4 features, I'd pay $20 for the app. Fix just #1, it would be worth buying at $5.

Paul Johnson at Sept. 17, 2015

Fantastic app. Would love to see more disciplines though.

Roddy Maddocks at Sept. 24, 2015

Very easy to use. Works well. An excellent appl Thanks, Roddy

Benedikt Brück at Sept. 24, 2015

Great and can't wait for more disciplines Great app does exactly what it advertised, can't wait for updates for other disciplines

David Tredinnick at Aug. 30, 2015

What a great app!! I compared it's scores with my scores. The app was 1 point better. I then used the gauge and the app was correct. "C" grade score.

Neil Fulcher at Aug. 25, 2015

I initially had trouble using this app. However an email conversation with Thomas and a good read of the app website sorted me out. I now use my Lenovo tablet as a blue back-light screen to lay the target on and I run the app on my Samsung Galaxy phone to scan the targets. It's a very useful scoring app and can help you correctly set your sights. The I phone version has a lot more features and is set up to work on a lot more target types. It's twice the price as well. The company will port those features to the Android version if the interest is high enough! Even the I phone version costs less then a set of quality scoring gauges.

Wayne Tolley at Aug. 25, 2015

Very useful Works well. Easier than pen and paper by a long way

Jason Watson at Aug. 18, 2015

Great little app. Saves heaps of time at the range

Darren Lewarne at Aug. 13, 2015

I'm excited to see where this app goes, hit detection is not perfect and it works best with the target backlit. Even so this has great potential! Good work!

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