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  • July 12, 2012
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Don't break the chain! MyChain helps you reach your goals day by day.

This technique worked out fine for Jerry Seinfeld and it will for you too. The philosophy is simple: Small steps every day brings you closer to your goals. MyChain motivates you to stay on track and to not give in to casual weaknesses. But if you do have a reason, MyChain's "good excuse" feature comes to your rescue.

MyChain features multiple chains, home screen widgets, a calendar view and variable frequencies as well as a unique rewarding system to motivate you even more.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Andreas Berheim Brudin part of our Productivity and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 12, 2012. Google play rating is 84.0. Current verison is 1.5.3. Actual size 215.0 KB.

What's new

    Redesigned widget so that it looks more like a widget and less like an icon
    Made a confirmation dialog on chain delete
    Also target 1.6 devices
    Fixed moving up/moving down chains.
    Looking better on Android 4 (Holo)
    Updated UI so features are easier to find
    Added possibility to delay change of day
    Made a lot of under the hood-changes, so it is not impossible that some functionality is broken. Please give feedback and I will try to update soon again.
Download mychain.apk 215.0 KB


Jeffrey Allman at Dec. 15, 2013

Uncomplicated Works great. A simple app that's easy to use. Sorting the list could be easier, and so could getting to the calendar view. A great base to build off of! Keep it up!

jacksjackiejaclyn at Nov. 27, 2012

Widget...? Widget is appearing now after reinstall but does not reflect the link-type changes shown in most recent update. Also would like to have option of adding a link-like calendar with month display.

David Hettena at Feb. 5, 2014

Buggy, otherwise good I routinely have the widget and calendar day status colors change from a normal color to a darker shade of a normal color, and they then also can be unresponsive to normal changes. They may be related to when I travel across time zones. I have been locked out of back correcting past days, where green is no longer an option. The inconsistency damages what would otherwise be a most wonderful app. On Samsung Note 3.

Peter Holloway at Nov. 4, 2014

So nearly perfect Only problems are inability to import chains if you have an existing chain. Also changing time zone can confuse it. I went to Europe for two days and it knocked the count out of sync (even when time zone is changed back). Still best at what it does though and no excessive permissions needed.

A Google User at Aug. 30, 2012

Wonderful! Thank you! Started using it just a couple of days ago after testing several other habit building apps, and this one is my favourite - user-friendly and simple but with many useful features. ***** Suggestions: (1) setting start and end times for each chain; (2) audio reminders; (3) setting chains on certain days of the week / month; (4) replace manual sorting (move up/down) with dragging the chains up or down.

Peter Moran at June 15, 2013

Exactly what I was looking for, plus widgets! I have been looking around for a good "don't break the chain" / habit forming program, and this has all I need. It is well designed and aesthetically pleasing. It feels both simple and clean, instead of annoyingly or distractingly glossy. It has a calendar view, not just a streak count. Most importantly, it has a conveniently small widget (the size of any app button) that you can click to show you completed the day's task and then adds to your streak count, shown on the widget. Thanks so much!

A Google User at Sept. 12, 2012

The widget makes this work! I've tried many different ways to change some of my habits, including trying out several of the Android apps. I like this one the best, for a surprisingly simple reason...the widgets. // Being ADD all of my life; one of my worst habits is...ready for this?...remembering to enter "yes" or "no" in the habit-changing tool itself. So, I never really know if the lack of check means I failed that day, or if I simply neglected to enter a success. // None of the other apps address this, because either they don't have a widget...forcing you to turn on the device, find and open the app, scroll through to the appropriate habit, then enter something. (Bad news when you're on the run, etc.) And/or - the widget is for a different purpose (not that.) // But, the developer solved that with this app...EVERY INDIVIDUAL HABIT can have its own widget on the homescreen. And, you can set it up to not only show you the number of days you succeeded, but also tell you (immediately) whether you've checked a success TODAY. // I think I have a chance to make it now...Good work!

A Google User at July 30, 2012

Great simple app This is a great app to find out if the chain method is good for you. I seem to like this method, but as I start to use it more I find it lacking in some ways. I would like a (simpler) way to make a chain that is to occur only on the 3rd Tuesday of every month or on any day of the work week each week... etc.

Mark McKibben at Dec. 1, 2013

Used to be good I've been using this for nearly a year to help keep on track with adding a daily photo to my site. Unfortunately I've run into a couple of issues with the app. One is the longer a chain gets the more unresponsive the app becomes. The other is if you change time zones and still try to keep track of things, the app appears to get confused. The days I spent in an alternate time zone show up in a dark green color in the app and either aren't being counted at all or are counted double (I've been fighting the app trying to get it to count properly).

John Carls at May 11, 2015

Maybe... i like this one best. Can u please add tansparency to the widgets? And an all-chains-in-one list-type widget coz the current widgets can't display the full text. Thanks for this.

A Google User at July 15, 2012

Excellent Nearly ideal implementation of the don't break the chain idea. Three things would make it better. 1. An additional color for "this is your last day before you broke the chain" 2. Widget can display your max chain length if you're not on the max. 3. Calendar overview display of all chains. Maybe in a future release. Also it would be nice if author had an optional paid version, as I'd like to chip a dollar or two toward this. :)

A Google User at July 29, 2012

My favorite of the "don't break the chain" apps This is my favorite (I've now tried four) of the "don't break the chain" apps because it incorporates all parts of the original idea without overwhelming the simple interface. I love being able to adjust the time each new day starts, because I'm basically nocturnal. I only have two complaints: being able to edit rewards without having to delete them and start over, the ability to set individual alarms for each task/goal, and the option to add notes to each goal.

Kevin Mo at June 14, 2013

Awesome app! Just one suggestion This app is so great its helped with my meditation and other streaks that I'm trying to keep going. Its so simple and the little widget that you can put on your homescreen is a huge motivator/accountability reminder. One thing that would be awesome though, is if the creators of MyChain created a similar interface for the MAC. Then you could sync it with your phone, kind of like what evernote does, and see it from both your computer and phone Anyways awesome app. Its really changed my life. But if you see this, creators of mychain, please take into consideration there may be a market for MyChain for the MAC :)

A Google User at June 13, 2013

Slow on graphics Wish you could add stickers, colours ect so it wasn't as dull

Blaine Moore at Nov. 3, 2013

Great...until it wasn't... This app worked perfectly for 76 days...and then inexplicably started over from 0 on me...yesterday, still counting up. Today, it's a different shade of green and thinks it's my first day instead of my 77th day...not too useful, that.

Nick May at March 19, 2014

Check off today from widget! I love this app. No other app I tried let me check off today from a widget and continue my chain for another day without opening the app. Just show me where I can donate $$. Having a calendar view is also a key feature for me.

A Google User at Oct. 12, 2012

Great app I've been using it for about a week and it's worked well so far. Only suggestion I have is to allow late entry of completed items the next day. Other than that - simple, straight-forward app.

Mateen Ulhaq at Jan. 11, 2015

Widgets are easy, UI designed to make you not want to break your chaib Could use a dark theme, though.

Richard Corfield at Nov. 21, 2014

Nice, clean simple interface I just wish calendar view filled whole screen. (But I think the reason it doesn't is because I've changed my phone's screen resolution.)

Bayleigh Baker at July 23, 2013

Perfect -- just more space! I'm surprised at how effective this app is. It's so simple, yet it has all it needs. I would like to see a page on the app where the widgets are displayed like they are on the home screen. And maybe an option for categories like health, education, family time, etc? Awesome app!

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