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  • July 21, 2015
  • 48
You are a PUZZLE games Lover ?

You are an ACTION- RPG games Addict ?

Hero of Puzzle Adventure Blitz is the game you are looking for !

You will be lost in a new world with epic turn-based battles. Solving puzzles and making blitz to battle against monsters, find mysterious treasures, and collect a vast myriad of exclusive items for your own heroes. Help rebuild the Dreamworld Warlord of Puzzle, and defend it from dragons, horde of demon, goblins, werewolf at the time of full moon, golems, the Lucifer warlord and other legendary beasts of illuminati in chaos and blizzard age with hellbound hearts. Dont let them overwhelm you !

INTERESTING AND SIMPLE TO PLAY! Swipe to match 3 swords to battle beasts, blaze monsters and beast, match 3 identical shields to improve your hero defense ability, crush 3 identical healing salves to restore your Health Points, crush 3 identical golden coins to get more gold or 3 books to learn special skills to attack for massive damage. It's quite simple, just match 3 to make a blitz to eliminate them . The more the merrier !

CREATE YOUR OWN HERO! Find and collect hundreds of exclusive and sacred items like claymore, shadow blade, quirky sword, dagger, ethereal blade, sacred dragon broadsword , etc... to modify heroes' clothing or improve heroes’ statistics. There are may set items making you become a Heavenly Soldier, Ronin, Mithril Cleopatra or even a Blaze Paladin. You can buy rare items in the Market and craft your own rare items in the Blacksmith

DANGEROUS MONSTERS: In this adventure you have to face up with many dangerous monsters, fiends and Behemoth like Night Stalkers, Bounty Hunter , Mad Alchemist and the boss Poisoned Slime

BEGIN YOUR ADVENTURE! Brave 50+ levels filled with dangerous and quirky monsters, the Lucifer and Fiend, and rare treasures as well. You should unravel and decipher all stages in this epic adventure with a score as high as possible

- Hero of Puzzle Adventure Blitz is a miraculous match-3 combat system with a colorful fantasy RPG that’s free to play
- The tense Heroes vs Monsters duel combat
- Unlimitted rollback
- Yoyous and ludicrous turn-based and rebus puzzle play that’s easy to learn, challenging to master
- Defeat legendary monsters and beasts in puzzle-combat: rare weapons, magic whirlwinds, and blaze fireballs change the puzzle when you play the game
- A vast myriad of rare items: find or craft matching epic sets for powerful bonuses, and make the extraordinary heroes
- Sophisticated graphics
- Endless HD surrealistic, stunning and vivid effects which have been made the first time
- 50+ levels of epic and fantasy quest with Fiends and monsters- the fatal archenemy, and treasures. Find as new treasures as possible to collect scarce and sacred items and extra loot inside monsters

We are sure that you guys will love this blockbuster game and be infatuated with it !

★ Released date: Nov 24, 2014
★ Version 1.9.1
- Fixed some bugs
- Improve the players' feelings
★ Version 1.9.2
- Update the shop with more gems.
- Fixed some bugs

9Fury Studio part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 21, 2015. Google play rating is 77.783. Current verison is 1.9.6. Actual size 34.0 MB.

What's new

    - Fixed some bugs
    - Update graphics
Download heroes-of-puzzle-blaze-blitz.apk 34.0 MB


Thomas S at Feb. 6, 2015

Almost perfect Needs some finishing touches to pull it all together. PvP and player team up would be nice but not really necessary. As long as the game updates don't become too bloated this will be a top game I think. The intro was too fast. Don't get me wrong I hate one hour introduction and tutorials, but this one seamed SLIGHTLY rushed. I emphasise slightly as I was a little confused at the intro battle. Some customization of the character would be nice too. Not much, just like a few hair choices.

Jefrey Soliven at Feb. 8, 2015

great game great game but no update for new maps. it's getting boring when you finished it..

Nel Chen at Feb. 19, 2015

A BIT of daily free crystals will be nice Too hard at some point. Suggest give 5 crystals a day for daily login motivation. It will make players happier. Otherwise cant get past some levela without full upgrades. You also need an exit button!

Rizqy Dhany Azsa at May 12, 2015

More easy to get crystal please

Quoc Trung Nguyen at Feb. 12, 2015

This game is interested.

aditya setiawan at Feb. 11, 2015

Very addicted game play but havent exit button

Derrick Jenkins at Feb. 17, 2015

Woooo Puzzle action packed fun

Ivy Lim at Jan. 22, 2015

Having second thoughts Tried the game cause of the good comments and find it interesting at first because its different from the usual puzzle game. But things become different when the game constantly crash. Also, the game become difficult as set equipment requires gems which can only be purchased. Upgrade also become harder as the equipment gain from quest increase very little percentage of success. Enemy become too hard to kill without good equipment.

Christopher Goodlace at Feb. 3, 2015

Good design bad outcome The game is good for its gameplay. Impossible to get past most stages unless you have fully upgraded gear and of course to do that you either spend a lot of money or you farm the same fight until you get lucky to get the chest. Leveling up doesn't not raise stats which makes it a useless feature. Overall bad game until gear is fixed and upgrading especially

Matthias Seidel at Feb. 1, 2015

Grind-fest No way to progress "normally". Equipment upgrading is a joke as it constantly fails even with 90%.

Ammon Steves at Jan. 21, 2015

Not bad Good game just wish energy replenished a little faster and more variety of monsters.

A Google User at Dec. 26, 2014

Absolutely love it! XD I'm a big gamer and I love these kinds of games! Keep up the good work. And if it gets harder than I'm up for the challenge! XD TEEHEE HEHEHE hahaha

Mitchell Carter at Jan. 28, 2015

Pay to play Waaaaay to hard once you reach lvl 20 i spent 2 days grinding and still going no where game was good till then

Andy Haz at Jan. 19, 2015

Great game Great game which gives a good challenge and energy recharges quickly. Only problem is I connected it to facebook but didn't recieve my rewards. Can something be done about this please?

Steven Klinger at Feb. 4, 2015

Could be Could be a good game expect for the only way to get any decent armor or weapons be prepared to spend about $100 on gems

Christian Lea at Dec. 14, 2014

To hard It gets to hard way to fast. Notch it down a bit.

SynfuL Dreams at Jan. 11, 2015

Game freezes When monster dies and I still have more attack the game freezes... too hard after stage 15... stage 20 boss hp is like x10 and I have to survive within 5 rounds ?

Leslie Rasonable at Jan. 7, 2015

Cowabungga!! Very nice and addictive game. Love it. . More power guys. . . :)

Hunter Nugent at Dec. 31, 2014

Heros of puzzle Hey 9fury studio my game some how got delted and im not sure how i was level 11 and now back at level 1 how do i get all my stuff back and back to level 11 :( please help. :(

Hàn Tuấn at Dec. 10, 2014

Could be better Minor things I think could be improved: + Confirmation when you buy something. I accidentally bought lots of chests just buy clicking on them. I don't know whether it is a part of "intentional features" of the game or not, but it is just very inconvenient. Also the pop-up shows when you purchase or sell something, could it be more specific than just "sold/bought something'? + The process of "go to market/buy chest, press Home button, go to Home/open chest" is really really painful! + Combos sometimes are not as effective as the marvelous effects show. + Stone-faced character :) I do like the game and play it a lot in free time. Love the music. Hope you guys can polish it more :) Congrats!

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