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  • Sept. 26, 2016
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Dcoder is a mobile coding ide especially designed to hone your coding skills on mobile. It is a complete package to learn and comprehend the programming languages from a wide range i.e from c to ruby. Here is the added bonus: it includes Rich text editor supporting syntax highlight and packed with all the necessary tools required to give you all the edge an Ide or Code Compiler can give.

Disclaimer: Dcoder uses strong cloud based compilers to compile the code and display output, it is fastest one and has helped bringing app size to ~5 MB, Please don't rate low or demand for offline feature, that is not possible here. Also instead of rating low, you can write your problems to us at support@dcoder.tech that will better let us help you.

Dcoder lets you code on mobile in more than 8 programming Languages from c, c#, cpp, python, php, java, ruby, objective-c and more. Not only you can code, you can debug the code see compilation errors and Result on the same screen.Its more alike port of your favourite Code Editor like Notepad++ or Sublime Text with compilation power, makes it equivalent to a powerful Ide like eclipse. To keep you engaging in coding we have our algorithm section, where you can improve your coding skills whatever be your level whether its novice or expert, We have something for you in there, you will be having fun solving these problems while walking in the park or in a boring college lecture.

The features include:
1. Rich Text Editor with Syntax highlighting
2. Line number, Auto indent, Auto complete Paranthesis
3. Undo Redo
4. File Open/Save
5. Custom Suggestion View
6. Multiple Language Support
7. Replacement for User input for languages like C, C++, Java and other
8. Active debug view for faster access of Output
9. Thoroughly designed Algorithm problems to improve coding Skills and make programmers industry ready.
10. Leader Board : To know where you stand in International coding Ground
11. Custom Menu Drawer
12. Custom Themes, Editable font Size for Editor
and much more!!

Begin the journey and enhance your skills.

How to solve algorithms?

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Paprbit Technologies part of our Education and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 26, 2016. Google play rating is 89.959. Current verison is 1.1.2. Actual size 4.4 MB.

What's new

    • Added most requested python3 support
    • Removed MindIt(Tech News) section
    • Added Faq/Help
    • Directly open supported code files from anywhere
    • D-Pad Navigator for those had issues in reaching line end
    • Improved Cursor
    • Monospace font for Coders
    • Secured social login
    • Performance tweaks
    • While Open file null length array issue resolved
    • Login image background improved
    • Some crash fixes.
    Older versions will become obsolete.
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Download dcoder-mobile-coding-platform.apk 4.4 MB


Shreyas Rao at Aug. 3, 2016

Implementation is good. Needs work on UX. One-stop app for programmers, that supports multiple languages. All the features work as promised. Yet, it's not free of bugs. I'm unable to enter more than one user input (say, fora program that needs to use user input for two variables or more). The main activity resizing when navigation drawer is opened, is a bit irritating after a while. Other than these, loved it!

Harshit Singh at Aug. 8, 2016

Greeaattt..? A very innovative UI. Thumbs up ?. Keep it up guys it's really gonna rock. The kind of response it holds was not expected from this nifty app while I was installing..???

Abhishek Chaudhary at Aug. 19, 2016

Amazing coding environment It provides amazing and faster coding environment for many Languages. But as the no. algo are increasing its difficult to remember which one I solved. Please add a tag for solved and unsolved algo questions.

Harshil Yadav at Aug. 4, 2016

This app is good but plz make it to use offline also...kind of disappointing to not to be able to use on the go when u have no internet connection

Vicky Sati at Aug. 22, 2016

Good for beginners Everything is quite good but, if one uses any infinite looping, the app get stuck and responses slowly.

Rith Smith at Aug. 9, 2016

My coder friends suggest me this but I don't know what it mean Maybe Make Other app for first time learning code skill?

Jeffrey Ooi at Aug. 10, 2016

Love it! But there are certainly room for improvements 1. Dark theme throughout the whole app, not just the text editor 2. Indication to tell the user that the challenge has already completed 3. UX improvements

Sounak Roy at Aug. 9, 2016

Great Concept I would love to get a detailed compiler review. As what versions and all, like the JDK version, is the C compiler gcc or mingw, etc. It really helps to put the code together. Thanks. Already loving it !!!!! <3

Amit Levy at Aug. 9, 2016

Amazing Thank you so much for creating this. I hope you will make more gui improvements. Ill give more time to review the app throughly, but for now it looks very good

Anurag Gupta at Aug. 12, 2016

You should make your cursor more stable(the interface used for copying and cutting). And the run button may be placed at appropriate position without hindering the program

Sourav Roy at Aug. 12, 2016

Really appreciate the work Please use high resolution icons and work on UI. The over all view is great but size of all icons are not same. Work on saveInstanceStates, when rotate the screen, the memory is regenerated. Need to work on that.

Toufic Batache at Aug. 10, 2016

Wow I really love this app, from the design to the functionnality! Just add some other languages like HTML, JS, CSS and others! Keep up the good work

Rajat Dua at Aug. 7, 2016

Bugs Force stops whenever I try to login with Facebook. Overall great App.

Naveen Jain at Aug. 17, 2016

Liked it very much Very great user interface.Now I can code anywhere,anytime.Don't need to rely on laptops for coding now

Hais Wahyu Fajari at Aug. 12, 2016

Please add shell scripting language Can you add for shell scripts (bash/sh)? Please add it, this apps is really useful for sysadmin too

Amine Laieb at Aug. 12, 2016

Excellent I'm speechless, I can just say : "This is the app that we was waiting for", thank you very much

Harkeerat Singh Panesar at Aug. 8, 2016

Taking an input It should be asking for the input During the compilation of the program.. instead we have to put a common output in the start

sujit sarkar at Aug. 11, 2016

very good initiative,,,, if i get a different key board with it like hackers keyboard or something like that then it will be awesome

Vivek Mathur at Aug. 8, 2016

Good and useful app Nice efforts to make a great app but number of questions are very less.

Ahmed Karim at Aug. 18, 2016

tux. But plz add offline support to the app

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