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  • July 1, 2016
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Note: This is the highest level of BulletFlight (level M, Military). Also see BulletFlt L1 and BulletFlt L2 for lower-cost alternatives.

Knight's Armament BulletFlight is a military-grade ballistic computer that provides quick solutions in the field. BulletFlight does not output information in table format but rather dynamically gives you the solution you need now to make that shot. Current weather conditions including temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, and wind direction can be input, as well as angles to the target as measured by the built-in accelerometer. The app then provides highly detailed solutions out to 3000 meters. Your weapon profile includes your scope MOA/mRad per click, and hence when you provide a range to the target, the app will simply show how many clicks you need to change the scope by for that range and wind speed.

Includes over 1400 projectiles including carefully-measured G7 BC database for VLD bullets. BulletFlight's G7 data is courtesy of Bryan Litz and I recommend his book: http://www.appliedballisticsllc.com/index_files/Book.htm

Up to five ballistic coefficients with corresponding velocity thresholds may be used for each profile to enhance accuracy, or use a single G1, G7, or G8 value.

Several built-in profiles for the Army's M110 and M110C semi-automatic precision rifle, the Army's new XM2010 sniper rifle, the 14.5 inch SR16 rifle, The 50 BMG M107, .308 M40A3, .308 M24, and the 6.5mm KAC PDW allow you to get started quickly. You may alter these profiles, or add new ones.

This app is currently in combat use by military snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Android-specific interface.
Built-in profiles for common military rifles, but easily add more custom profiles.
Accurate bullet database with most major brands.
3000 meters range (2000 using simple screen).
Fast and accurate ballistic computation using G1, G7, or G8 ballistic coefficients.
Easy to use interface yet powerful and full featured. All relevant data on screen all at once.
User interface designed to minimize chance of input errors.
"Simple Screen" with distance wheel, but also "Full" screen where any exact range may be used.
Output in inches, cm, MOA, Mils, and scope clicks.
Option for Metric units. In most cases imperial and metric are visible at the same time.
Direct input for scopes with either MOA or mRad metric input (such as Schmidt & Bender).
Calculates 360 degree wind drift using either degree of O'Clock format input.
Wind speed may be specified in either miles-per-hour or meters-per-second.
Advanced atmospheric model.
Uses GPS to locate nearest weather station and then automatically gets weather data and altitude (for most locations assuming compatible weather station) for ballistic computation.
Sight-in weather may be logged and stored for automatic normalization to standard conditions. So you may sight in at any temperature or altitude and later be accurate at any other temperature or altitude.
Built-in accelerometer will detect angle for improved accuracy.
Computes actual BCs from collected data. Some users will do this for each log of ammo before a mission.
Built-in mil-dot range calculator.
Calculates bullet twist / stability with a highly-accurate formula.
Computes bullet spin drift.
Built-in help screen.

Runaway Technology, Inc. part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update July 1, 2016. Google play rating is 76.7742. Current verison is 4.7. Actual size 581.0 KB.

What's new

    Fix crash and wheel remembering your profile.
Download bulletflight.apk 581.0 KB


A Google User at May 27, 2012

SLOW Very slow screen response. No more info than the free apps. I cant believe I paid $30 for it. Good marketing description got me. I want a refund!

Jason Brown at June 19, 2013

Bullet Flight I've had this for Android for about 2 years. Just installed on a new HTC one and I like it even better than on the HTC Evo I had before. So far it has exceeded expectations. I do have a suggestion: Have the "get angle" feature bring up a camera window so you can put crosshairs on the target. I find the get angle feature hard to use as I am never sure if the phone is pointed as the target exactly. I suppose if the phone was mounted on the rifle this would be a non-issue but I won't be doing that. Also a way to easily import and export data would be helpful when multiple devices are in play and for backing up that hard earned dope. Thanks for a product that does what it says it does.

Brian Aut at Jan. 16, 2013

Not so impressed Read all the reviews, looked over the website and took the plunge. Initially, it worked fine on the Nexus 7 tablet but like all good things it had to end. Stopped working, would not reset and had to be uninstalled (lost all that data!) and then reinstalled. When I called the developer they were all out. No problem there I understand. Why support a $30 app. For those of you considering dropping the $30 and buying this app - I would pause a bit - the bugs aren't all worked out. It's a bit frustrating to lose several hours of data because of some software bug. Give this program some thought before you decide - personally I should have waited.

Josh Pedigo at Oct. 15, 2014

Please update for S5!!!!!! Great app on my s3, however now that I upgraded to my S5 I can't create a profile for my .338 Lapua. Really?

A Google User at Aug. 10, 2012

Bullet Flight Rate This program is almost as good as the Horus Vision ATRAG. It's been spot on as long as I place in the correct data. Also it automatically puts in the BC's for the given projectiles taking out the guess work. I think its been worth every penny! J.K

Michael Jones at Dec. 1, 2012

Best app available for Android! Just completed several "Tactical rifle" courses with varying levels of experienced personnel. This is the ONLY app that uses the G7 BC data accurately. I danced with Strelok creator for a while, but don't waste your money if it is a matter of life or death to you or someone else. The you're of accurate calculations you get from this program equal that of the USMC ballistics calculators. Great work!

Jim H at Feb. 26, 2015

Like the app but... I would give it 5 stars but it doesn't get the local weather with my Droid Maxx. I sent an email and they answered it within 10 minutes. Turns out some of the weather servers changed their name. The fix will be in the next version. Can't wait to add that 5th star.

347firedude at March 30, 2014

Great app Very great app for serious shooters. I had an iPhone before this DROID and the difference between the apps is huge. This app let's you truly build a custom gun with twist rate and bullet length. Among other features. Well worth the money

Mike Dixon at Nov. 18, 2013

Still on the fence Im not sure i completely understand how to use this software. A manual or guide would be greatly appreciated. I would love to have an update with some kind of visual output for the calculations.... i will leave my rating at a 3 until i fully understand what it is i am dealing with....

Miceal Kelley at June 25, 2013

Has everything I needed in a ballistics program. I never go to the range without it. Definitely worth every penny for the Military version.

A Google User at Sept. 28, 2012

Accurate time saver!! Bulletflight works well with all of my calibers and goes far above and beyond other software I have utilized. I like that I can add multiple bullet profiles to each weapon and the numbers always add up. Just make sure you are doing your part. The kestrel bluetooth mod is also really nice and quick when its cold out and you want to have steady holds and it allow s you to spend less time inputting data.

Chris Petersen at Nov. 15, 2014

Not very accurate. Compared exact same inputs against field firing solutions. At 1000 it is almost 10 moa different from FFS. 1800 nearly 30moa different. Not too impressed.

A Google User at Jan. 7, 2012

This app is great. The only thing that really bugs me is how slow the main screen runs on my EVO. It takes forever to scroll through the rifle list.

R.J. Flores at Dec. 29, 2012

A must have app... A must have app for any precision/marksman shooter.

Roy Slaybaugh at Sept. 7, 2013

Great This is working great on my Galaxy S3. Pretty easy to use. There is no export function, so you can't email yourself the drop chart for printing. I contacted the developer and got an immediate responce. He is working on a solution, something other than taking a screenshot.

Anun Omus at July 21, 2013

NOT WORTH $30 I am totally disappointed that I spent $30 on this app! Strelok does WAY more than this app does! The GUI leaves a lot to be desired, and the local weather features do not update correctly in the app so it can provide corrections. Uninstalled, and requesting my money back......

A Google User at Nov. 22, 2013

Runs extremely slow On an iPhone this is great software. But on android this runs like crap. The whole things lags and runs slow. Its been the same issue since release please fix.

A Google User at Nov. 20, 2013

Good but missing backup & restore Needs ability to back up and restore new and updated rifles, other then the most useful feature (backup & restore) the app is pretty good

A Google User at Sept. 19, 2014

Cant modify or add new profiles Since i installed this on my S5 i cant create new profiles or modify. There is no menu button

Kelz O'Dell at April 27, 2013

Works Does what it says....

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