• June 11, 2015
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Become a legendary hero and save the ancient world from vengeful Gods in the newest immersive Action-RPG, Blood & Glory: Immortals.

The rise of the Roman Republic has displeased the Gods. Zeus, Ares and Hades have sent their armies to destroy the new Republic and defend their dominion over humankind. It is up to three mortal heroes, inspired by the Muses and charged by the Senate, to stop them and battle the mighty gods themselves.

Play as the Gladiator, Warlock or Barbaress! Each has unique abilities and combat skills for you to battle against the gods’ minions.

Explore the ancient Roman and Greek Empires as you discover new lands, master new skills and combat the gods’ wrath. Traverse amazing environments, battle unique enemies and experience beautiful effects that bring the Ancient world to life!

Find, earn, and win a bounty of tiered weapons and armor for your hero! Collect sets to receive powerful skill buffs and bonuses!

Master fast-paced combat skills with fluid, intuitive controls that anyone can pick up and play!

Create and manage your own guild of heroes to rule the leaderboards and level up. Lead your teammates to victory in live combat events and earn Olympian rewards from your battles!

High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!

Blood & Glory: Immortals is a free-to-play battle RPG, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms of Use. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Glu Mobile’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at www.glu.com. Additional terms may also apply.

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Glu part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 11, 2015. Google play rating is 84.5221. Current verison is 2.0.0. Actual size 165.0 MB.

What's new

    • Now featuring pets! Command a Ice Yeti, Lightning Owl, Fire lion and more!
    • Equip new elemental weapons and unleash their devastating power!
    • Travel to a brand new Region and face new enemies! Egypt!
    • Battle the new boss Anubis!
Download blood-glory-immortals.apk 165.0 MB


Jonathan Riley at May 1, 2015

OMG... WTF just happened I've been loving this game and had a character up to level 30... Then the upgrade happened, and my character was totally gone. Poof! How can I recover all the hours I put into this game without starting over? This is insane. Would gladly upgrade my rating of you can recover my data.

Kushagra Gupta at May 7, 2015

Activate my account Hv been disqualified for 23 hours...but after that given time when I open the game it said like u are banned for 147394639 hours...I mean WTF is this...so fix this asap and let it know

Nazihan Mp at May 8, 2015

what is wrong?? whats wrong with the "error 666"??? this game is absolute fun,,i waste my working time just to play this game pursuing gs 2030 to continue the next stage of legend mode,,but after i finish the "sewer escape" legend mode,,its come the error 666,,please fix it,,this game really make me addicted,,its not fun anymore if cant continue,,

Aaron Schneck at May 9, 2015

GLU IS POO!!!! I was booted for some crap about illegal game play which was never explained after I spent over $200 in in app purchases to get to legendary level!?!? Wtf is that I don't know and they haven't told me and now suspend my play for 1 million hrs. Complete crap of a company and game. I could ask for a refund bout I'm not keeping my fingers crossed with such morons behind the keyboard

Nathan Harris at May 5, 2015

Random Ban after Paying for In-game Items; no appeal possible Was having fun with this game, even made some in-app purchases in the last week. Playing the latest event and all of a sudden my account is banned. Write customer service and they say the decision is final and will not be reversed. Horrible business practices and customer service. Avoid Glu at all costs.

Admiral Huffington at May 3, 2015

Banned for not cheating Obviously they said I was cheating, but wasn't. It looks like they have programmers who really don't know how to do their job. I'm glad I only spent 5 dollars on this and not a lot more, because I'm banned. Stay away from this game - it's great, but if you're going to be banned for nothing, what's the point in playing?

Jaco Crafford at May 4, 2015

Unhappy. Very very unhappy!! This last update is bloody joke!! How many times do I have to download these damn Crete assets?!?!?!? And now I get suspended for cheating??? Wtf??? I love this game. But it is really frustrating to play a game that messes around like this. I also have a constant issue with connection to the surver. Please fix it guys!?

Jose Collell at May 10, 2015

Still Banned for 1.4 Billion hours Saw from some posts that users were being unbanned. But given Glu's track record the cheats are probably the ones having their accounts reinstated. And how did they come up with 1.4 billion hours anyway? Lame. Well, at least I got my refund.

Jason Weiss at May 8, 2015

Great graphics, gmeplay, poor bug fixing and support. As title says. They have had glaring problems with the game past 2 weeks or more, support ignores you, and they made an update recently but only to add more content, which brings more bugs. The ONLY reason i gave it 2 stars is because they have good graphic and gameplay. But they need to have better support and fix bugs before i will ive hem anymore stars, or money.

Anthony Darnell at May 5, 2015

Banned for over 65 years!!!!!! Almost killed the sirens when network issue 666 error then banned for 9 hours, once i returned it banned me for illegal operations for over 1.4billon hours. Guess i will have to make sure i have extra battery life in the after life so i can play game once i get ban lifted. Spent a great deal of time and money to only get B**ch slapped with a bogus charge of cheating. BS.

christy r at May 11, 2015

Love the game but.. Really truly love the game but to really make it better, you should change the enemies locations. They're the exact same everytime. EXACT same thing. Change that. Make it easier to get gems. Either spend $4.99 or download these apps or pay for something from them. So, change the battles up a bit and make it easier to get gems, like buying with some coins or something

Mohammad Alhams at May 3, 2015

illegally Operations Can any one till me why ? I didn't make anything , I received lot of errors then I can't login , I didn't try to do any illegal operation can anyone fix this I was in lvl 40 and reach 2760 GS .

Evan Abell at May 4, 2015

Random bans Glu sticks by their poor attempts at programming and won't help you when you're subject to a random ban. At least I didn't spend money on this.

Jonathan Sandoval at May 3, 2015

What happened, I love this game? After the update its running extremely slow, sometimes not even loading at all and I'll get kicked. Fix it and you'll get all your stars back THX...

brandon shepherd at May 11, 2015

Newest version 1.1.1 messed up the events in this game! The newest version with the new event maps and other awesome stuff messed up the events ending five seconds. Before update you were able to have an extra five seconds to finish off your enemy and earn extra VP I don't know if its only my device which is the Samsung galaxy 4 my carrier is Metropcs. Reply back as soon as possible about any information concerning this glitch or if you guys maybe took it down from the game. Thank you, Brandon Shepherd

Dan G at May 2, 2015

Game glitches and I get locked out!! Disgusting. Game glitches with a 666 network error, accuses me of cheating and then locks me out for 23 hours!!! I've done nothing but what the game allows me to do. How I've supposed to have cheated I don't know but I haven't.

Kelly Summerlin at May 2, 2015

Latest update won't run After new update, the game cannot get past Daily Bonus dialog. It tries to access the network and responds with "Network Error. Retry?" over and over (all day long) over LTE and any Wifi network. After days of this and no response from Glu, it is pretty obvious now Glu is a hack of a company with little idea of how to test and release updates. Just read through all the 1 ratings here and then go read their forums. Uninstalling now - bye Glu.

Russ Syratton at May 1, 2015

Game has been bugged for a week now and seems the more is done the more is broken.. I hope that there is a fix that is gonna be successful soon cause.. I give game play and that a 5 star rating but all the recent bugs is turning into ew3 .wich in my is a has been ...

Joey Charity at May 8, 2015

It's working again Thank u for fixing game most company's would have done nothing. You had my game back I going n three days witch for me that's great. Thx again for the customer support.

Lucas AlSamarrae at May 4, 2015

fix the system Idk what happened but after the update I can no longer play any levels. It says downloading and after about thirty minutes I still have no game. This is ridiculous and I'm getting pretty close to removing the app

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